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Options & Rates

Cariboo Storage Solutions Ltd. offers a wide variety of storage options to suit your unique needs.
Whether you are downsizing, home staging, moving, or need room for your business items, recreational vehicles and boats, we have a space for you.
If you are not sure what type of storage unit you will need, call our friendly team.
We are here to help!  We'll be happy to assess your situation and make recommendations based on your storage needs. 

Month-to-Month or Long-Term Lease Options

Our rental agreement is flexible.
Both short-term / month-to-month or longer-term leases are welcome.


We keep it simple.  All storage units are rented for the flat-rate price of $125.00 per month (plus tax).
Get one month free when you purchase a one-year contract!

Price - Cariboo Storage Solutions (2023)
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8' x 10' Container

The 8' x 10' Container unit is comparable to the size of a tool shed.  This unit functions great for storing quads, camping gear, and other outdoor equipment.

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10' x 10' Seacan

The 10' x 10' Seacan is roughly equivalent to the size of half of a one-car garage.  It is perfect if you are looking to store tools or seasonal gear, or if you need extra space during a home renovation.  It can typically contain a one-bedroom house or apartment or approximately 450 bankers boxes.  Seacans are made of steel and don't warp or bend when loaded.  The doors open 8-feet across, thus giving you a lot of room to get bulky items inside.

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10' x 11' Rollup

The 10' x 11' Rollup will comfortably hold a one-bedroom apartment or house, including appliances, boxes, miscellaneous items and commercial storage inventory.  This unit is also great for storing snowmobiles and quads or other outdoor equipment.

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8' x 20' Seacan

The 8' x 20'  Seacan is comparable to a single car garage and can fit approximately 900 bankers boxes, or can typically fit the contents of a two to three bedroom home.  Seacans are strong and durable.  They are a resilient option for keeping your stored items safe, dry, and secure in tough environments like the Cariboo.  Seacans are great for storing motorcycles, quads, snowmobiles, farm and hunting equipment, and tools, or other items that might not fit in your home, garage, shop, or barn.  Secans are portable and are a good option if you are moving.  We will pickup and drop off a Seacan at your home or business.  Give us a call to discuss how our Seacans can be of service to you.

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8.5' x 23' Small Boat Storage

Our 8.5' x 23' Small Boat Storage is a perfect option for you if you are a recreational fisherman who frequents the lakes along Highway 24 - also known as B.C.'s Fishing Highway.  This storage option will keep your boat safe from the elements year-long, and conveniently accessible when you need it.

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10' x 20' Covered Storage

Our 10' x 20' Covered Storage  is an excellent option for storing vehicles, campers and boats. Our covered storage offers a protective roof, which provides shelter from sun exposure, precipitation, and harsh winter conditions. These units are equivalent to the space in a typical one-car garage.

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10' x 30' Covered Storage

Our 10' x 30' Covered Storage is perfect for storing recreational vehicles such as campers, boats and RVs.   RV's are often too tall to store at home in your garage.  Our 14-foot ceilings can accommodate large RVs and is a great option for freeing up space in your driveway and keeping your RV safe from the elements.  At Cariboo Storage Solutions Ltd., your RV will be easily accessible for when you want to pickup and go. 

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